Zabava Balkan Dancing

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Zabava Balkan and Georgian Singing

There are so many beautiful song-dances out there. Some of us are getting together to learn the words and harmonies so that we can sing and dance at the same time. This is a Zabava ("fun") singing group - we are all here to learn together, to experience the joy of harmony, and to get past the self-criticism that seems to come up while singing.

This group has become a closed group with an informal audition to join. Feel free to get in touch if you can hold a part on your own in small group polyphony. It also helps to be familiar with Balkan and Georgian music. We currently meet on Monday mornings.

If you'd like to come, send email to join the Zabava mailing list and receive announcements about the group times and locations.

Allergy notes: Fragrance-free venue! Please do not wear scented products (perfume, lotion, hairspray, etc.).
Interested cat on premises.

Some of the songs we have worked on in the past:

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