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It's harder to learn and follow dances on Zoom than it is in person. Here are some dance video links to review at your leisure. To find a specific video use ctrl-F on Windows or cmd-F on Mac to search.

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Dance Notes and references

These are gathered from the Hoolyeh online dance group, based in Corvallis, Oregon.

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December 2021

November 2021

  • Mjatalo Lenče, Bulgaria, introduced by Belčo Stanev. Instructions, videos.
  • Paidușca, Romania
  • Tresenica, Serbia, introduced by Dennis Boxell. Instructions, videos.

October 2021

September 2021
Thanks Debbie and Kathy and Paul for making four videos!

Alphabetical list of past videos (search with ctrl-F or cmd-F)

  • Garoon, Armenia
  • Gudi, Assyrian region of Turkey, originally taught by Ahmet Lüleci.

Denis White's amazing list of videos.

Moj Maro Moj Marine (Dunav) (Kotansky)

Valle Pogonishte

Vallja "Hajde Merre Furken"

Yar ko parag


Reyhan (woman's styline) (men's, Chinese instructor)

Bastan Danza

Traditional Ethnic Bulgarian Wedding

Bistrichka Kopanitsa

Bulgarska Svatba

Chachak Horo (wedding performance)

Chetvorno Horo (teaching)

Chetvorno Shopsko Horo (multiple variations) (Neil Sandler)

Chichovoto (Bulgarian performing group) (Bulgarian instruction)

Daichovo Horo

Dobruzha, National Folklore Ensemble "Bulgare"

Dancers from Silistra (in Dobrudzha) at Koprivshitsa 2015

Dobruzhanska Kushta (men in cafe)

Dobruzhanska Ruka (Bulgarian performance men) (American man teaching mixed group) (three women abbreviated)

Dobruzhanska Ruchenik (performance women and men) (couple solo)

Dospatsko Horo (single person demo) (group slow tempo music) (Chinese? last minute of music) (men's by shoulder, different steps)

Dvasti Tristi (with Svornato, Dutch group) (spelled Dvazdi Trizdi) (Martin Pokorny, German group) (Arye Vax and Yehuda Ben Harush) (Dunav) (coffee and donuts)

Dzhanguritsa (Princeton solo demonstration) (Peter Iliev teaching) (Bulgarian performing group, good style) (Bulgarians outdoors) (Bulgarian performing group, outdoors) (FTF Priateli rehearsal, instruction) (Bulgarians outdoors Sofia) (Bulgarians, best music) (Bulgarians ballroom) (Bulgarians performing group, festival) (Ron Wixman teaching his version) (Bulgarian women)

Gankino Horo (party mixed gender and age)

Gankinoto Horo Okolo Ogunya (in Zheravna)

Giusevska Ruchenitsa

Hajde Kalino

Kardamski Opas

Kaval Sviri (Bulgarian womens choir)

Kulsko Horo

Liasa (not Iliev 1992 music)

Ludo Kopano (performance) (teaching slow speed) (step 1 teaching) (step 1 with music) (step 2 teaching) (step 2 with music) (step 3 teaching) (step 3 with music) (step 4 teaching) (step 4 with music) (step 5 teaching) (step 5 with music) (Elena Dimitrova version)

Malishevsko Horo (Iliana Bozhavano)

Myatalo Lenche Yabulka (Bremen Germany) (Helene Eriksen) (with steps, video, lyrics)

Opas (Dunav) (Japanese) (Chestit Rozhden Ivan Mladenov) (Birthday Congratulations ...)

Podaraki (also Greece) (Dunav) (Eastern Rumelia)

Polegnala e Tudora (Filip Kutev Choir in Sofia)

Povlekana (Iliana Bozhanova)

Plevensko Horo
Плевенско хоро

Pravo horo (Finland) (Dunav)

Preskachanka (Tucson)

Sborenka (Dave Bucy) (Toronto mostly women) (Bulgarian men and women) (young Bulgarian women) (Bulgarian mostly women competition?) (Bulgarian class mixed) (Bulgarian party, "muzhka" sborenka) (Bulgarian performance men, Dobruzhanska sborenka - good) (Bulgarian demo, mixed - good) (Bulgarian demo, mixed) (Bulgarian mixed, competition) (Bulgarian performance) (Yves Moreau, Kardamska sborenka) (Muzhka sborenka, men at party) (Bulgarian women performing) (Bulgarian woman teaching) (Lesson 1) (Lesson 2) (Lesson 3) (to music 1) (to music 2)

Sedi Donka (Gitti Lanik variations) (Mike Marshall & Chris Thile) (Dunav) (Bulgarian performance) (Radost) (Bulgarian performance) (Jaap in Sweden) (Bulgarian performance)

Sej Sej Bob

Silistrenski Opas (Petur Iliev)

Sitna Sborenka

Staro Bansko Horo

Stigansko Horo

Svornato Horo (with Dvasti Tristi, Dutch group) (Vasil Bebelekov and others)

Trakijska Ruchenitsa

Tropanka (Yehuda Ben Harush [Dunav?]) (Dunav)


Spotify, Folk dances of Dobrudzha

Bulgarian party dancing

Bulgarian street dancing (Rick Steves) (1:07 only)

Ensamble "Bulgare" - This is Bulgaria - Dobrudzha - Part 1

This is Bulgaria - Dobrodzha Region
НФА „Българе“ продължава да твори магия в Холандия
Уникалният танц на хлебарите в "Чаршията"

Croatian Love Song

Drmeš iz Zdenčine (Dunav)

Kolo Kalendara

Krici Krici Ticek

Moja Diridika

Nabrala Je

Sukačko Kolo (Dunav)

Gavotte de l'aven (Dutch accordions) (Bretons in costume) (La Guedillee, fest noz Berric) (mod Bannalec) (jabadao [performance mixer])

Cercle Circassian ~= Ve David, Engoulevent

C'est une jeune mariee

Engoulevent, medley

L'homme qui marche

Scottische D'Auvergne

Valse des cerf volants

Kartuli (Daisi) (wedding) (wedding 2) (performance different music) (classic performance) (two men, one woman) (wedding 3) (wedding 4) (wedding) (wedding)


Old men in the pasture soloing

Hasapiko (demonstration) (teaching)

Ikariotikos (basic, pause, scissors, flamingo, turn) (variations) (variations) (variations) (teaching auf Deutsch)

Kali Tihi

I Trata

Paraliakos - with Lee Otterholt teaching:

Podaraki (also Bulgarian) (Dunav) (Eastern Rumelia)

Zagoritikos (Zagorisios)

Kapuvari Verbunk (demonstration)

Debka Dayagim

Debka Rafiach

Dodi Li

Ei Hatal

Eretz Zavat Chalav (Nina Simone!)

Hineh ma tov (Belgium) (good disco) (good disco) (good disco) (disco) (disco) (disco) (disco) (disco)

Sapri Tama

Cacak (Macedonian women in street)


Crnogorka (Macedonian men in street)

Leshi (Dunav) (Debbie Jackson)

Lesnoto oro (Dunav) (Makedonsko devojce)

Mesarisko Oro (Debbie Jackson)


Sadilo Mome (Dunav)

Sedenka (Dunav)

Shopska Petorka (Macedonian men on street)

Skudrinka (Demonstration in USA) (Alternative in USA) (Ron Wixman version) (Macedonian men performance) (Macedonian men performance) (Macedonian men performance) (Macedonian men on street) (Macedonian men on street) (Macedonian men on street) (Macedonian mixed performance) (German band in Nordlingen)

Svadbarsko Oro (wedding dance)

Tino Mori

Cine are noroc are (Roma)



Jiana Lui Ana (Transylvania) (Austrian dance group) (Netherlands dance group)

Sirba pe loc (Dunav)


Bielolitza Kruglolitza

Chastushky (teaching)

Katia (Dunav)


Ya da kalinushku lomala


Ciganski Orijent (Fausts Fayetteville) (Dunav)

Davorike Dajke (Lee Otterholt version)

Fatiše Kolo

Gore More (Dunav)

Mixed kolo dances, St Sava Serbfest, Merriville Indiana

In Serbia

South Africa
Pata Pata



Oy memo


Cossack? dance
Ансамбль Черкесия - Лъапэрисэ - Çerkes TV
Ensemble Cherkesiya - Lanzrisz

Иванов Бетал - Лъапэрисэ
Ivanov Vetal - Lanzrisz

Tokyo Polka

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